Gay pride? or just “in your face”?

Jewish, Christian, Muslim Leaders Unite Against Homosexual Event — 04/01/2005

Ok, I think homosexuality is wrong. Call me a bigot, I don’t care. But I don’t go looking for them to harass them. So, if “you” don’t want “us” to bash you, quit shoving yourself in our face, and stomping on all we hold sacred. Have your marches where people support what you do. And don’t you dare say you are not trying to offend. We might have believed that the first time, but we’re not buying it anymore.

Yes, this is a legitimate “felony stupid” citation!

So, on reading this, I realize it sounds quite a bit harsher than I intended. I guess my point would be that the rights of homosexuals to express themselves don’t trump my right to hold something sacred. That, in general, not just in this instance, it is wrong to use the sacred to “make a statement”. That doing something just for the “shock factor” only incites outrage and not understanding. If you want the general public to be more tolerant, don’t go out of the way to offend them. Really, the sexual preferences of others is none of my business, so, like, don’t feel compelled to tell me you are gay, and I won’t feel the need to tell you that I am a happily married heterosexual with 7 children. OK? You be quietly gay, and I’ll be quietly not, and we’ll all live happily ever after together.