Tired and Sore

Had a bit of a dust-up tonight, and then I attacked my linoleum. The part of the floor where we eat is now clean. Well, less dirty. I mean, how clean does a white floor really get in a house with 10 people? I’ll work on teh next third of it tomorrow, I reckon. But I am stiff now. You know that stiff you get when you are holding yourself tight, and don’t realize it? That kind. My neck and shoulders hurt, and my hands………well, they hurt, too.

ROFL, I just re-read that paragraph. We do not eat on the floor. One end of my kitchen is a dining area. We eat at a table that has legs that go all the way down to the floor. Which is now clean. Or as clean as it gets when it’s white and 10 people live here.

Anyhow, I am way tired, and almost falling asleep at the desk, but I can’t go to bed just yet, so I thought I’d chat a bit.