Please allow me to whine a minute. I woke up this morning with my right br*ast sore, and I was hoping it would help to pump. Well, it didn’t, and it’s gone from sore to throbbing constant pain, and I think I am about to die from it. I just want to sit here and CRY! It’s inside, not outside, and I am sure it’s not a plugged duct, because I can get the milk out. But I am seriously having to concentrate on not whizzing all over myself. It hurts that bad.

Nonetheless, I did clean off the desk as I was supposed to do yesterday, but didn’t.


Amy said…
Get thee to a doctor, Cass! I’ve had breast infections from nursing and they can be dangerous.

Colleen said…
I had mastitis too, and thought I was going to die. A warm compress may help.