Sweet Relief

You have no idea how pleased I am to report that after the second pump, I no longer feel like there is going to be a nasty explosion of bre*st tissue. And that’s a really good thing, cause I would hate to clean up the mess that would make. Not worrying about wetting myself is pretty cool, too. Do you now know more than you ever wanted to about my chest? Let me explain something: every nursing mother worries about the milk. When you have to pump for your non-nurser, the problem is just magnified. Being able to measure each drop is not comforting, but rather presents a whole new list of issues to worry about. Do non-pumpers know they made an ounce less today than yesterday? No, but I do. And I get to wonder if I am having an off day, or if this is a downwardly spiraling trend. And the suction of a pump is just not as good as that of a babe at getting the milk out.