Ted confesses all

Ok, not all, but a lot. I can certainly relate to many of the things the CEO of PayPerPost talks about, particularly balancing life and work. As you can tell from some of my other posts, it seems like sometimes the work of this SAHM never ends. Yeah, I’m having a hard time finding balance. Someday I’ll get it figured out, and Ted will too.

One thing that constantly amazes me is the youth of this PPP crew. Ted’s 30, I know, and I think he’s one of the older PPP folks. Not the Posties, though alot of them are young as well. I mean the office guys and gals. PPP is not the first rocket he’s fired up and ridden to success. That drive and energy just floors me. I don’t ever remember being that full of ideas and the will to make them happen.

About the gym thing? Not so much, LOL! I had issues weight as a kid, and I am now about the same size I’ve always been. I’ve quit struggling so, because it doesn’t seem to make a bit of difference what I eat, I still weigh the same. Now, if I could re-arrange things, and move some of the baby belly around to where my non-existent tail should be……that would be great.

I was a little dissapointed that he didn’t talk about some of the issues PPP is dealing with right now, but maybe he needed five minutes without the biz on his mind. I can relate. I can so relate.

Oh, if you’d like to see the video that started this chain of thought, here it is.