A Good Day

Here in I attempt to schedule a good day. Do not laugh! I absolutely forbid it! And expect to see several versions of this post as well, LOL!

8 start laundry, pump and blog, laundry
9:30 chore time
plan meals
read to preschoolers
11 laundry, pump and blog, laundry
12 lunch and chore time
1 teach
2 read and quiet time (knit for a bit)
3 laundry, pump and blog, laundry
5 choretime
5:30-7 supper(depending on evening agenda)
6-8:30 evening agenda, if there is one
8-10 rock the baby (only takes an hour, but the time flexes with her)
10 pump and blog, laundry, plan tasks for tomorrow
11 podcasts and knit
12 bedtime, unless I watch a movie with DD#1 then 1 am

I’m already well into the day without this schedule, so I’ll just continue to fly by the seat of my pants today. As you can see, there is very little time left in the day, and that’s the part that chaps me.