Get Skinny Quick??

I see that lipozene is available on the internet, which is the only place I have seen it, though it is apparently available on TV as well. A one month’s supply will set you back 29.95 plus shipping and handling.

It promises: Loose [sic] weight and body fat quickly and with no unhealthy side effects, with Lipozene!

But then it goes on to say:Due to the fact that the body’s ability to absorb some vitamins and nutrients is affected while taking glucomannan, it is advised that users take a multivitamin or mineral supplement. Consult closely with your doctor while taking this supplement, making sure that your vital nutrient levels are sustained while taking Lipozene

Now to their credit they also advise that you should use this product combined with healthy diet and exercise. I’m a little skeptical. I will give you the same advice my Uncle Lloyd used to give: If you want to lose weight do push aways. And then of course, the one who was moaning about dieting would ask what that was. And he would say “push away from the table”. I do miss him.