Do your kids love flashlights like mine do? They got some little cheap ones for Christmas several years ago, and I think those were their favorite presents! Around here, the children are thrilled to feed the dogs–after dark, because they get to use a flashlight to do it! We have about 5 of the things.
OpticsPlanet has neat-o lights like SureFire, StreamLight, Pelican LED flashlights, hands free headlamps, pocket, gun mount lights, as well as flash light accessories. They also offer FREE UPS delivery on orders over $29.95.

I may need to think about getting Dh a new flashlight for Christmas. He’s been having to go under the house to work on the air ducts, and the ones we have are just not bright enough to suit me. I get spooked, and I’m not even the one going under the house. I’m always afraid he’s gonna meet a new not-really-friend down there of the serpent variety. I’d prefer something like football stadium lights for that job, LOL! It would be much easier for him to do what needs doing if he had a hands free headlamp, though. Come to think of it, if I had a tiny one, I could knit in the dark, couldn’t I?
Whatever the reason you need a flashlight, they’ve got you covered.