Wash on Monday 3

So we have this now:
Monday: make sure laundry is totally caught up, scouts
Tuesday:sometimes scouts
Wednesday-knitting group when I can get there
Friday: spiff up the house for the weekend, sometimes scouts
Saturday-sometimes scouts

bathrooms, kitchen, cooking, grocery shopping, checkbook and desk, church prep. I also need weekly “dates” with my independent schoolers. Grandmother as often as possible.

(I hope you are not bored, but if you are………refer to the Blog Manifesto over to the right, and also this post where I referenced my problems with scratch paper)

Check book and desk are good for Thursday, since bills need to be paid on Friday. I can go ahead and make grocery lists and plan menus while I am sitting here.

Dates would be good on Wednesday, so if we have adjustments to make, we don’t have to try to remember them on over the weekend. It would be a good idea to write down the results of these dates, too.

Doing the shopping on Friday night or Saturday morning would allow me to cook over the weekend. Church prep has to be on Saturday, duh!

Kitchen needs to be on a day when there is no scouts, so we’ll all be able to pitch in. It’ll need to be Wed or Thurs, flexing to allow me to go see Grandmother with Mama as her schedule dictates.

That leaves Tuesday or Sunday for the bathrooms, and I am not sticking my head in the toilets on the Sabbath.

Which leads to
Monday: make sure laundry is totally caught up, scouts
Tuesday:bathrooms, sometimes scouts
Wednesday:school dates with DD#2 and DD#3, kitchen or visit Grandmother, knitting group when I can get there
Thursday: checkbook and desk, menus and shopping list, kitchen or visit Grandmother
Friday: spiff up the house for the weekend, grocery shopping, sometimes scouts
Saturday:cooking, sometimes scouts, church prep

And this is the final schedule I’ll be posting on the sidebar 🙂

2 thoughts on “Wash on Monday 3

  1. Hi Cass,

    First, thanks for stopping by my blog place. 😉

    Things are going better and definitely getting back on track.

    I really do like your blog manifesto here, and can definitely relate to it.

    I came from your Cass’s other place blog, and I noticed the link there has a typo on that last post it reads

    http://www,midlifemusings.com/ spelled with a comma instead of a period between the www and the midlifemusings.com

    If you click on it, you won’t make it here. I spotted the comman right away, but thought I’d mention it so no one gets lost in Cass’s other place. 🙂

    Great template BTW too!

  2. Thanks for the tip, I fixed it.

    Glad to hear things are better. Give us an update on Mya when you get any news. I’m still thinking of ya’ll.

    I like this simple template, too. In fact, I like it so much I gave Cass Knits! a makeover. It’s not the same template, but it’s still a simple one, much more relaxing 🙂

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