Eyeballs: optional

I woke up this morning with a horrid headache, and eyeballs that felt like they would explode out of my head. I’m not feeling any better as the day goes on 🙁

Nonetheless, I’m working the laundry, and gave the children their bathroom assignments. Those are done except for bleaching the shower (DD#1, and she’s sleeping off her job but will do it before she showers tonight), sweeping (DS#1 will do this, but he’s out with Mama for the day), and mopping (that will be me. Later, when my head isn’t throbbing).

Also on my list, putting away the laundry for my room. I was going to do it after supper last night, but I pumped and then DD#5 was tired and ready for bed, so I held her to go to sleep, and then I thought banging the drawers open and closed might not be the best possible way to keep her in a state of slumber. Since I *vastly* preferred that she maintain that state, I waited on the laundry.

I’m supposed to have 2 kids in scouts tonight, but I’m just not sure what we are gonna do about that. In addition to my less than stellar physical condition, it is rainy and windy and cold. I think a good wet chill is just what I need, don’t you?

And furthermore, if DD#3 tells me one more time that *I* just want a new car, I’m gonna let her butt stay home while I drive the rest of the kids where they are wanting to go. Not really, but it is really making me angry that she’s throwing this smack around when I sit down to try to earn a few bucks. Today it was –you get to do what you want to do, earn money for the car you want. Huh? Excuse me? This was followed by a discussion of where exactly is it I go. Knitting group. And when was the last time I went? When you were teaching that knitting class. Oh, You mean when I was *working*?


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