So angry!

I am so mad this morning. My car has a flat tire. The tire is less than a month old. I don’t have a second car available to take it to get fixed, and since Mama and Daddy are both working, DH is having to try to find a neighbor to take him down the road to the tire place. Now why am I mad instead of just frustrated? Because my tire is flat because SOME JERK OF A KID WITHOUT ADEQUATE PARENTAL SUPERVISION was busting bottles in the street. I could just smack him, his mama, his daddy and all his redneck relatives.

This is why I keep my kids in the yard.

Stay tuned, I have another jerk to tell you about later, and if I miss my family reunion because of this, I’ll probably tell you SEVERAL little stories.

*smoke comes from ears*

Edit: Ok, it was a nail, it’s fixed, and we’re going. There’s still glass in the street.

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2 thoughts on “So angry!

  1. I’m sorry about your tire. That really sucks but the tags made me laugh

    “Technorati Tags: flat tire, mad, redneck”

    glad you got it fixed though.

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