Warm and Glowing

I had a really good time at my aunt’s house tonight. I shocked everyone, including my mother and the 3 children I had with me, by actually having a drink. I rarely, rarely drink, so they are just not used to seeing it, but a glass of wine sounded good, so I did. It was wonderful to sit around the table with adults chewing the fat, shooting the breeze, and laugh, laugh, laughing.

At one point, my aunt looked at my 11 year old horsing around, and said to me: “I’m looking at your kids, and you are getting old!” I can’t deny that, I guess. She has grandchildren older than my youngest baby, so………..

There were no oysters for me tonight, as they were finishing up when we went down to get in on the fun. Maybe tomorrow, if we get there in time: Tomorrow at noon is a lunch that the whole family will go to. Fried shrimp, fried chicken, Yuummmm, good southern coastal food. You just wish you could eat like this! But you can’t, cause you ain’t from here, and I is!

Tomorrow night, they’ll be meeting again at Aunt’s, and I may go depending on what’s going on at home, and how I feel. I’m still not 100 percent, but I am hopeful that a couple of days of allergy meds will have me back in good form.

Oh, I also got cornered by a dog tonight. A huge and gorgeous dog that was hip high on me. And by cornered, I mean he got between me and the door, and I was hollering for someone to come get the dog from between me and the door, and it took forever because they thought I was kidding. So, I’m standing there with my hands on my chest to keep from touching this dog who is so big and friendly that to lower my hands would mean instant contact, and they are standing around the kitchen laughing at me.

Oh, and also. I had to find a cup to get my mother some water, and my 6 foot cousin indicated the top of the frig, saying there they are. And so I just looked at him with my five foot self, and indicated the top of the fridge, at which point he got the cup down for me. Maybe you had to be there for that one, it was more visual humor, but everyone who saw it laughed right out loud.

Oh, and finally, in true red-neck southern rainy season fashion, DD#1’s friend got her car stuck in the mud and I had to call same cousin and his sister’s squeeze out to un-stick her. And while all that was going on DD#3 slipped and fell in the mud, and you don’t even want to see that laundry.

Well, this is a rambly post, but I’m gonna leave it. It’s late and I’m tired. But I’m also warm at heart tonight.

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