Worth it!

Ya’ll my entire house, it is trashed again. Not a clean room in the joint. I/We spent the weekend out and not working. And when I get up from here (I’m pumping), I’m gonna get in that kitchen and cook up a meal that will dirty enough dishes to fill the dishwasher three times. We’re having our family Thanksgiving meal tonight 🙂

We’ll take at least tomorrow, and maybe Tuesday off school to get the house back together (Ha, we seem to make messes right behind ourselves, so it takes awhile, what with the living, pumping, eating, etc). And you know what? It was totally worth it.

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2 thoughts on “Worth it!

  1. I absolutely agree. Sometimes, the house must slide so we can recoup our own inner selves again. I know you’re all looking forward to that TG meal tonight! I’m still enjoying what’s left of what we brought home from Mama’s.

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