Morning Musings 11/28

Yesterday, I posted that list of stuff to do, and I did work on the cleaning and laundry. Of course, the laundry is piled on the couch waiting to be folded, which we will work on today. The cleaning has been undone, but that’s the way it goes.

I did not get to the checkbook and bills, but I have a reason. My mom came over to get my help on some computer stuff. That put me behind, because I spent a couple of hours with her. Let me encourage you to spend time with your family while you can. Don’t ever get so busy with “tasks” and “things” that you forget to invest in the people you love. This is a downfall for me, which is why I am taking a moment to exhort you to be better about it than I am. The time that you “waste” with your family today will be precious memories later. Nuff said?

Today’s list then, or at least the top few:
deal with the mound of laundry
bathe the baby

If time allows, I still need to type up the posts I mentioned yesterday. I finally brought my notes over for the sermon post, and I still remember what happened Saturday night, so we’re good there. But that’s for later. For now, I need to get the money stuff done while I still have electricity and running water. I like those things, LOL!

OH! also must order the cds for Christmas presents so they have time to get here. And we have scouts tonight. So my list of three top items has grown to seven, and I’m stopping there. For now, of course 🙂

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