Surprised Again

I am again surprised by the speed with which technology is advancing. Do you remember when radio meant a big (and I do mean big) box in the living room, lovingly turned on to catch a few favorite shows? No? Me either, but that’s what my mom remembers, LOL.

I remember instead, when radio meant a little number that could fit in your hand, and had iffy reception, but it was uber cool because you could take your tunes with you, Provided you could afford to keep the thing in batteries, which it ate like you were eating Pez candies!

But there are new radios now, sirius radio (still don’t know what that is) and digital radio. And even the ones that have names I am familiar with look different from the square jobs I am used to. Look, this one fits in a corner, for crying singing out loud:

I have a whole house radio here (whole house=my room and the living room :roll:) but it’s staticky at best, and I’d like to replace it since the built in tape deck is kerflooey, and I use cds now anyway. The Radio Guide should have some info on those….

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2 thoughts on “Surprised Again

  1. I was about to tell you that I am NOT old enough to remember those huge radios, but——I do remember that Aunt Lanie had a floor model. I remember my family had several, at different times of course, that measured about 8-10 inches long 5-6 inches high and about 6-8 inches thick. I really am only 39!!!!!LOL

  2. Psst! see up by your comment, it says “Mama”? And up there at the top of the page, in the middle, it says “Reflections on life from almost 40”? Only *one* of us gets to be 39, and today, it’s me! LOL

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