Morning Musings 12/02/2006

Saturday, in the park…………….Oops, sorry. Just ignore the crazy singing lady in the background.

Today’s top three:
church prep
school corner
vacuum the computer

Also will be going to see Grandmother, I hope. I also want to do some work on the websites I’ve started. They are not ready for public consumption, yet, so no links for you, LOL! You may remember the other day I said I wanted to start thinking about my goals for 2007, and the websites are part of that.

2 thoughts on “Morning Musings 12/02/2006

  1. I am really sorry that DGD#1 does not want to see the importance of a what a visit to your grandmother would do for you and possibly for GM. I realize she needs the sleep, but for 45 minutes she refuses to stay awake to help you. I also know that if it were something she wanted to do, sleep would not even be thought about. Yes, we were once 18 and can see what is happening. At this stage in life, for most people it is all about me. Me-me-me that is what is important.

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