I woke up this morning with a blinding headache. It was the same headache I went to bed with last night. It has receded somewhat with the help of a goodish nap. I may have spent a bit too long at the computer yesterday, working on Cass Knits!, but I think the results were well worth it.

Then as if my head were not enough, I got to find out just how much weight I have lost in church, not by poundage, but by pain level. Since we are meeting in the gym of the local primary school for now, we have the metal folding chairs. I sat for eternity on that hard chair, holding DD#4 with my no-butt hurting. I know it sounds hilarious, but let me tell you, when you cannot get up to relieve the pressure on your un-padded tailbone, it rapidly loses it’s charm. Rapidly.

My final ouch is this: I’ve asked for a taser for Christmas. I plan to use it to zap children when they interrupt me. It took me 5 tries to tell DH what my plans were for tonight because of the interruptions of the various kidlets. DH said “sure!”*

*This paragraph written mostly in jest.