Again I woke up with a horrible headache. I think it’s allergy related, even though I am back on the allergy meds. The baby is also coughing and snotty. She woke up about 4 am and spent the rest of the night in bed with us. Her crying woke up DD#4, and of course, she climbed in, too. Maybe I’d be better off to just put all our mattresses on the floor, like Fee used to do, LOL! Obviously, I did not get much sleep, since I had to be conscious of where the baby was. She was having a hard time breathing laying down, so it was a while before she settled back down. I did give her some Benedryl around 10 this morning.

So, there is no top 3 today, even though I had planned some before bed last night. Since all that happened, the top three got condensed into: get through the day without harming myself or others, and also don’t let the health department close down the kitchen. Everything else is/was optional. So far, so good.