Looking for a crane!

I’m feeling much better today! It’s time to dig out from 2 days of being out of commission. As soon as I get through with my online work (yes, I consider that work), I plan to get started with that. Additionally, my milk supply has totally tanked, so I’ll be pumping every 2 hours to get that back up. Something about not eating and drinking has made my body decide that milk is optional. Go figure. But at least I didn’t spend my sick time sitting on the throne holding a trash can, like my mother.

Every room in this house is a mess, with the exception of my bathroom, which I cleaned the day before I got sick, except I never got to the toilet, being distracted by other things.

Actually, I can probably get almost all the computer work finished during pumping times, so we’ll try that. I guess that means it’s time to start the washer. If you have a crane, please come, and bring it with you. I’ll supply the coffee.

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One thought on “Looking for a crane!

  1. Nice of you to remember how sick I really was. Glad that you did not join the “party”. I am still not back to 100%.

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