Some kind words about education

Lest you think after last night’s diatribe that I have nothing good to say about education, let me prove you wrong. I still don’t have a good word for standardized testing as the “last great barrier” to adulthood, but I am all about education.

Starting with telling students to get with it Karl Schellscheidt, Fred Hargadon and Don Betterton are getting a thumbs up from me on their collaborative blog, which covers college planning as well as offering ePrep SAT test prep help.

There are both videos and podcasts available, and I recommend this site heartily. Spend some time cruising the archives, and find out how to get your student on the right track. No, scratch that. Get your student to sit down and read, then let him come to you if he has questions. These guys are tops in the field, and in this instance, they’ll do a much better job passing on their unique knowledge than you could, LOL!

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