Thanks Mike!

Michael Arrington (google it) has another article on PayPerPost up on his site. This guy just can’t seem to get enough of us, even as he professes to hate us. I think if I disliked something as much as he professes to hate PPP, I’d find something else to talk about, ykwim?

Anyway, his big deal today is that effective Monday, PPP will require bloggers to disclose instead of just strongly encouraging it. Mikey tries to play it off as a response to recent FTC (non)rulings, but I have news for Mike. This move has been in the planning since before the PPP town hall meeting in October. Ted (PPP CEO) told us then that disclosure was going to become first suggested, and then later disclosing or not would affect our status with PPP. I didn’t realize he meant “you’ll disclose or you won’t blog for us,” but that works for me. If you can’t be truthful, I don’t want you as a colleague. As for me and my blogs, nothing changes. I’ve been disclosing by talking about PPP since I joined, and I have a formal disclosure policy on every blog of mine that accepts compensated posts.

In addition to this requirement, we’ll also see an increase in our pay-rate, with the minimum price per post increasing by $1. And it’s still the best deal you can get on consumer generated marketing. Ted discussed disclosure today on the PPP blog. And, oh yeah, this is a sponsored post.

Click the little blue button over there if you want to paid to blog about the things you love. We’ll both make a few bucks 🙂

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