Morning Musings 12/18/2006

The dog yet lives. She is still not moving. She will not eat, but she will lift her head a bit to drink from a small bowl if I put it under her nose. So, I am doing that. She weighs NOTHING, and obviously cannot live long without eating. I’m not willing to let her dehydrate to death, so I’ll water her by hand as long as she lasts. I cannot get her to the vet, so… we are.

Aside from watering the dog, I’m needing to get the laundry dealt with. The girls did the washing last week, but it’s all piled up on the couch. 10 people make an incredible amount of laundry in a week, ykwim?

I am planning to go see Grandmother tonight as well.

Finally, I am not well still, but I must see to these things. That means I’ll be working a bit and resting a bit. And I’ll probably lay down for a nap since I plan to go out tonight.

I think that’s about it, and it’s time to get up from here.

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