As I sit here, waiting for the last two hold outs to pass out/go to bed, I am surfing the net and getting ready to pump. I found this site, full of games from yesteryear. It reminded me of my early teens, when I would go to the skating rink, and play Q-bert. It was a funny little arcade game, you just hopped the guy from one square to another and they changed colors. I really enjoyed that game, and haven’t played in probably 25 years. Funny the things you recall. Well, they don’t have old Q-bert at Arcade-Cow, but they are still a cure for boredom. And also sleepless nights.

I’ve had quite a few of those recently as various sick children have ended up in my bed, either leaving me no room at all, or pummeling me through the night. Ah, the simple pleasures of wee toes in your thighs or kidneys. Nor should we forget the elbows in the chest, and flying hands landing on your nose.

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