The nose knows

Have I mentioned in all these jokes I’ve made about plastic surgery that I have a huge nose? It’s like the major inheritance from my maternal side. That and cancer. And yet, not one member of my family has had rhinoplasty. Not one. And, you know, some of us, maybe we could have used it, if we had thought about it.

I must admit that even as I say my nose is huge, that it is really quite petite compared to some of my kinfolk. In fact……… one uncle (really, a cousin, but you know how we are down here, everybody is an uncle) he had a child that we did not know about. And when she finally tracked us down, we read the letter, and were understandably shocked, and all that. And then she sent a picture. I looked at that thing, and looked at my cousin (really a cousin this time, somewhat removed, but cousin nonetheless–the same one who sends me some of the jokes I share) and I said “well, look at that nose, she’s obviously one of us”, and we both laughed! Poor thing, all she got from a dad she never knew was a schnoz the size of Manhattan. And lots of fun-nee cousins and uncles and aunts and such.