You gotta be kidding

I seriously never realized taking out the trash was such a big deal. Now, of course, I don’t deal with that, but still. Even when I lived in apartments, even when I did deal with it, it just didn’t seem like that big of a deal. But at a least one Baltimore apartment complex, that trash thing is a thing of the past.

Briarcliff provides you with superb amenities and features, including full sized washers and dryers in every apartment and the most spacious floor plans in the area. We offer a valet trash service that picks up at your apartment door Monday through Friday except holidays. (emphasis mine)

The washers and dryers I can understand. The spacious floor plans, great. But valet trash? I just can’t imagine what those hallways smell like. So, if you are looking at Baltimore real estate, make sure you know whether you have to deal with your own garbage…..or just the smell of other people’s.