I missed the questions yesterday, but got them today, so I am going to play. The topic is causes, as in: Tell me about what Causes you are passionate about.

* Do you actively support a cause? if so what?
* What do you want to save?
* Is there too much conservation on any issue?

There are not many causes I support actively year-round. I am more a “call to action” type causist. I do take measures to reduce our garbage and such. I like to tread lightly upon the earth, but at the same time, I realize I am authorized to take dominion of it. That doesn’t mean to use resources unwisely, though.

I do think environmentalism often goes to far. The same folks who are screaming about the price of gasoline are also screaming that we shouldn’t drill for oil in Alaska. To me that doesn’t make much sense.

Umm, I am really trying to write something coherent here, and I am failing miserably. Nevertheless, I am posting, because I said I was going to. Sorry Kryss,for this abysmal introduction. I’m typically a fairly articulate writer, but it’s been an incredibly large day.

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