Thank you for visiting the Carnival of the redeemed. This Carnival will celebrate Brothers and Sisters in Christ. If you are following Christ, I want to hear from you. Your posts do not have to be distinctly religious in nature to be in the carnival. They do however, need to be Christian in nature, that is, no profanity, etc. It’s is going to be a weekly thing, and we will *not* be having themes–you may submit any piece you’d like.

Please use one of these buttons (save it to your own server) and link back to this page.

Please place a linked button of your choice in your post. Please save the button to your own server. I need to receive your entries by Sunday at 9pm for the following Tuesday. On the day of the carnival, please place a post on your blog directing readers to the carnival, again using your choice of buttons. Can you tell I love my buttons? My sister-twin made them for me.

You can submit your entries here, or click the widget 🙂