Political Dinner

I was intrigued the other day to hear that Congress wants to call teh President to account for his policy in Iraq. I looked at the TV and I looked at Dh, and I said “who?. Did Congress not authorize the President to go to war? Yes, they did! And is he not the Commander in Chief? Oh, yes he is. Not Congress, but the President. The war in Iraq is HIS JOB as Commander in Chief, and Congress needs to shut up and let. him. do. his. job. The very job they authorized him to do!” And my wise Dh, even though he’s a pretty liberal guy, agreed with me.

Tonight at dinner DD#1 and I were discussing the war in Iraq. I don’t know who she’s been reading, but we have come to the same conclusion: we as a nation have a moral obligation to continue the course in Iraq. Whatever the reasons we went to war there, whether you agree with them or not, think that we know the truth or not, the fact remains that the country is ravaged beyond it’s ability to repair itself. Only the most deranged of dogs would contribute to such upheaval (and yes, we have, that’s not even debatable), and then leave without doing everything, and I do mean everything within their power to get the country back up. To remain in Iraq is a humanitarian mission at this point.

ModernOpinion’s editorial on the troop surge agrees with the premise that DD and I discussed this evening. We must finish what we have started. We must. We must.

2 thoughts on “Political Dinner

  1. Now how on earth can I agree with both of you? I don’t know, but, I do …so-

    STANDING OVATION for you, too!

    (See why I get confused when it comes time to vote? And why I have trouble fixing my children’s squabbles? I have the uncanny ability to see both sides of an issue… Surely that must serve me well somewhere…)

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