Closing a chapter

It is with incredibly mixed feelings that I have decided to give up the pump. That thing has been so much a part of my life that frankly, I am floundering without it today. I don’t know what to do without those stupid horns hooked to my chest.

If I am a smart mommy, I’ll use part of the time I used to invest in the pumping to invest in my children again. They desperately need their mama back. Attitudes, behavior, lack of school, it’s all out of control.

There’s still a sadness, though. Sigh. I wonder still, even as a mother of eight, if one can ever be absolutely sure of any parenting decision.

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2 thoughts on “Closing a chapter

  1. I don’t think it’s ever easy to give up something you’re used to doing, but if it will give you more time with your family, then it will all adjust itself.

    I am never all that sure about the parenting decisions I make, either…but we’ve been okay thus far.

    And….we meet again! I’ll be participating in your Southern Fried Blog Carnival here soon, and today I just clicked in via Fuel My Blog.

  2. I missed this in our fortnight of sickness.

    I wanted to say, because I don’t think I have before, how spectacular I think you are to have pumped so long.

    How are these little girls of ours going to be a year old next month? The time, she flies.

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