Some people are family

and some are just related. I tell my mama that all the time. Usually we are discussing Grandmother, or rather people’s actions/lack of actions toward her. I know you know what I am talking about. We all have friends that we can count on no matter how rough the going gets, and family members who can’t be bothered no matter how simple the thing you need.

And you know the really offensive part? These are the same fools who’ll be a blubbering idiotic mess acting all crazy in the head when she passes. And those of us who have bucked up and done what was needful will be expected to “console” them. Well, wake up. Ain’t happening. “Shoulda thought of that before” will be the scant comfort they get from me, as I am trying to hold myself together while I continue to do that which is needful *because they will not step up to the plate*.

Is it wrong of me to look forward to telling people to kiss my tail?

One thought on “Some people are family

  1. What you say you’ll do, and what you may do can be different things. I like to believe I can keep that kind of thought, but in person, I cave and “give” as I am a giver.

    It’s not wrong to tell them to kiss your tail, but doing it is another thing!

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