Some of you may have *cough* read my poetry *cough*. If not, you can click the category “cass writes” to do so. But I don’t want to talk about my poetry tonight, I want to talk about Jason Quinn’s work. I previewed Emopoetry tonight at Myspace.

Jason is young, just 19 according to his myspace, and I think he shows alot of promise. I was only able to read five poems for the preview. Honestly (you know I always am) the first three were not knocking me out of my chair. But by the fourth one, it was like he’d quit trying to write poetry, and begun to write Poetry, instead. I felt my breath catch as I read. I had to read them a several times to be sure I had savored them. And these are not long poems. They are just that stunning. I really wish I could read a few more to see which way he’s going to go, and I sincerely hope it’s Poetry.

The book is dedicated: To My Jesus: My Savior: my Mama: Family: and Friends. It retails for $16.95. It could end up being priceless.

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