Five on Friday-The Name Game

The Name Game

1. What are your siblings’ names? Are your names related by a theme?
2. What are your pets’ names?
3. Do you give pet/nick names to your car (or other large posession)?
4. What meaning does your surname have?
5. If you could name your own country or island, what would you call it?

I have one step-sister; her name is Christine.

I don’t have any pets at the moment, but I did have two dogs in my adult life, Callie and Terri. They were long-term friends. I am inheriting a zoo next weekend as I have mentioned. This will include 2 dogs, Rocky and Duchess, and 3 cats, whose names were not mentioned. Doesn’t much matter, I think, since cats don’t come when you call them anyway.

Nope, I do not name my vehicles. I do however sometimes name body parts. Not those kinds of body parts, silly. What kind of girl do you think I am??!!??

My surname– I knew at one time, but have forgotten. How lame and sad is that?

My own country. Hmmm, being in a cranky mood today, I’d probably name it My-Personal-Space-Get-Out!

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