And why not?

It occurs to me that I never hear anyone, myself included, say they are planning to run away to Bulgaria. It’s always some romantic sounding place, like France, or a place with historical significance like Scotland (ok, Scotland is most likely my own personal bias), but never Bulgaria.

SO, I headed off to do a little research. Bulgaria sits on the Balkan Peninsula, bordering the Black Sea. Yet, it also has mountains. The climate is moderate and they have 4 actual seasons. No, I am not being facetious. Where I live we only have TWO–fry an egg on the sidewalk HOT and rainy, nasty, just go back to bed COLD.

There are villages where you can visit the past, and thriving cities where you can find the latest in everything. Bulgaria will join the EU this year. Tourism is rising in the country, and if you are interested in investing, Bulgaria Property may be just the ticket.

Not convinced yet?

“Legend has it that when God was giving lands to the peoples of the world he forgot the Bulgarians. To set things right he took a piece of Heaven and gave it to them.”