Manic Monday-Never say Never

Have you ever made snowballs and preserved them in the freezer?
Have you ever had a cooking disaster?
Have you ever sent or received a piece of fan mail?

No, yes, no.
I am usually a pretty good cook, but I do have a story or two to tell. I remember one meal I cooked that I burned every single thing. All of it! I hardly ever burn anything (as in that was the first and last time, except bread, sometimes it gets a little darker on the bottom than is ideal), but that one meal made up for my usual non-burning self.

The other disaster of note was my first from-scratch pie crust. I neglected to take into account the fact that I was using self-rising flour, and so I added salt to the crust. Blech! My dh loves a pie, though, and he ate it anyway.

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3 thoughts on “Manic Monday-Never say Never

  1. My brother saved me a snowball once. I didn’t see snow til I was 12, and went up north to visit…it was snowing furiously before we got there but stopped and melted just when we arrived. So I had a frozen snowball to console myself with.

  2. Love your “no yes no”. I had to really expand on each of them.

    Shame about your whole meal getting burnt. I hope it wasn’t a special one.

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