Just Don’t Die

So, what was the adventure that led to the stories I’ve posted? We’re still trying to get tags for that new van. First, I signed the title, so I had to be there. DH went alone the first time. Oops.

We also had to have an “executor’s paper”, so when I went with him this morning, it was with a copy of the woman’s will, naming the executors of her estate. Nope, not good enough! It’s a different paper.

However, after I explained to the woman how I have 8 children, and just getting DH and I in the same place at the same time required an act of Congress, she did whatever it was to the title so that I at least do not have to go back.

We now have a different paper, which I sincerely hope is the right one. This is getting rather tiresome.

Note to self: 3 young boys are a handful when taken to the DMV.
Note to others: Sell all your possessions before you die. It’s a big old pain in the rear to try to do so from the grave.