Dear Republicans

If I could got hold of the real email address of the real decision maker for the Republican party, I’d send them a note to say:

Please don’t screw this up. It’s too important. Pick a real candidate, with a real vision for our country and let’s get it on. Don’t get distracted by flash and charm, just pick the best man for the job. It’s not Hillary you are fighting, it’s the mindset she represents. We the people still know the difference between the shammers and truth sayers.

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One thought on “Dear Republicans

  1. As a die hard Democrat, let me just say that Hillary is not the voice of our party. In the general I’ll vote for her if shes the nominee, but I honestly don’t see her becoming the nominee. In any case, she does not have my vote in the primary, not that my primary vote matters much since I’m not in a primary contention state.

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