I went to a new site today, expecting to be blown away. My excitement fizzled pretty quickly, though. I’ve been asked to give a review, though, and I am going to, because I think this site could be great! The articles, such as this one on Mobile Communication, are decently written, and certainly enough to answer basic questions, and let a person know if they want to continue to research a subject. So far, so good, because that’s what I expect from a site with a name like Encyclocentral.

And that’s where my expectations and this site parted ways. The articles are not alphabetized on the letter pages, making it difficult to find what you are looking for. You have to find a tiny link at the bottom of the page to get that, but here it is. That should be way more prominent on the page. Like at the top, and in big letters.

Additionally, it was obvious that the site was set up as a money maker and that’s fine. You all know I don’t have a problem making a buck off a website, as long as there is valuable content. I’d like to see the article selection expanded a great deal, though, in order for this to become a one-stop information shop. What’s there is good, and often very good, just put more of it, and add some articles on non-keyword items.

Again, great potential here! I think with time and work, this could be an awesome resource. And make you a few bucks in the bargain.