On a Roll

Woohoo, it’s day two of my new plan, and look what I got done!


What you don’t know (yet) about the second picture is that the empty space there beside the cabinet used to hold three plastic bins and a pile of clutter on top of those! I also did the drawers on that desk, not just the top!

2 thoughts on “On a Roll

  1. Very nice…WTG, Cass! You’re definitely on the right track with your new plan. I’ll be implementing one of those myself as soon as I get over this crud I’ve still got.

  2. Way to go, Cass! Doesn’t it feel awesome?

    I was heading in that direction, when life smacked me in the face…Shawn got sick, then I got sick…

    I was even walking the dog every day!

    Why does it always happen like that?

    Well, I’m still in that clean it up/get moving mindset – so that’s good!

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