Making ends meet

People aften express amazement at the fact that I “don’t work”. (Oh, if only they understood it’s 24x7x365.)(And I don’t count my DH in that number, because he totally realizes what it takes here on a daily basis.) But people do wonder how we make it on one income.

The fact is that we don’t, because I make money from home. It does takes some moola to live, and I am happy to assist DH in this way. I’m grateful, in fact. I tried working outside the home when my now 11 year old was a baby. DH worked first shift, and I worked second so we didn’t need a sitter. But it tore me up. Even though it was DH, “somebody else” was feeding my kids dinner and “someone else” was putting them to bed, and I did not like it one little bit. And that was FIVE kids ago, ykwim?

There are lots of ways to make money from home. You know about PPP of course, and similar things, but you should get a run-down on how to make money online with Agloco . Because if means the difference between having to leave your babies, and being able to stay home with them, there is no decision to make, IMNSHO.