Morning Musings 2/02/2007

Yep, time to start with this again. I always enjoy sitting here with coffee planning my day *no matter what a late start I get*. Yep, I overslept. I was up late helping a friend get her new blog up and running.

I’ll get up in a few minutes and run through the house with a quick tidy for each room. Then I’ll start on the hutch you saw in yesterdays picture. I may even post a before pic of it, because it surely will shock you 🙂

I may have to sit here for a few unplanned minutes with my hand pump as well. Even after all this time, I am getting a lump of milk that is quite painful, and I probably need to pump it out. Sigh. Boob of steel, that’s me.

But first, at least starting the laundry and doing a quick tidy.