Five in the Morning

At five in the morning, you can finally admit that the night is a wash and you are not going to get to sleep, and you can get out of bed.

At five in the morning, you can take a shower. You can take a very long, very hot shower, such as you never have time for on a “normal” day. Whatever normal might be. If you are me, and it is this particular day, you can use the towel your middle daughter used after her shower yesterday, because all your laundry is on the kitchen floor, where it was thrown to soak up the water when the your DH busted a fitting installing your new faucet yesterday evening.

At five in the morning, you can finally shave your legs, for the first time in can’t remember when. If you are me, you will have to use your husband’s fine smelling fusion shave gel, because one of your daughters killed the girly stuff and did not put a new one in the shower. Thus people will find you vaguely odd smelling as you go about what will surely be a very long day.

At five in the morning, you can decide that what’s sauce for one goose is fitting sauce for another and also not put new girly shave gel in the shower, even though there are two brand spanking new cans of it in the cabinet. You can chuckle to yourself over this for quite awhile.

At five in the morning, you can start the coffeepot, and put the towel you just used in the washing machine. You can also go through that aforementioned kitchen pulling other towels out of the sodden mass and put them in the washer as well.

At five in the morning, you can decide not to start that washer, because for the nonce, you are blissfully alone, and you really want to treasure it for just a little while.

At five in the morning, you can write an entire blog post, just as it came into your head, without a single interruption, and then you can go get that marvelous first cup of coffee, and plan your day while you drink it.

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3 thoughts on “Five in the Morning

  1. this is called bliss. I’ve been up pretty early the past few days myself, but all I manage to do is drink coffee and veg out.

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