Tax time

I did our taxes over the weekend, and I am quite pleased with the outcome. I had to guess on my 1099 from PPP, but I know I was pretty close, and can adjust that one number when I get it. I think I may use the refund (and it is a biggie) to get ahead on our mortgage loan, and not have to stress over that so much when times are lean.

One thing people like to do with tax refunds is remodel their home, or make an addition. Now, you know I would love to add on to our home, but even with this good refund, I don’t see being able to do that without a home improvement loan, and I am just not feeling like dealing with a mortgage application. Frankly at this point in my financial life, I would need one of those bad credit remortgages, and I am not about to do that. I think it would be financial suicide.

Although (and this is a secret I haven’t even told DH) I really am wanting a laptop computer that would allow me to work away from this desk, so I could be more involved with the family, even when I am writing. This is a chance to get one without a secured loan quote, so this may be the time to discuss it with him. They frequently go on sale in April, and that’s about when I expect to see the money.