Belisi Radio on Pandora

I think I have mentioned Pandora radio here before, and if I haven’t I know I talked about it on SixNeatThings, but I found a new station today. Peter Belisi has created a station on Pandora, saying that this is his “attempt to take the same qualities I look for in fashion – sophisticated, classic, beautiful –and take it to music”. The artist seeds look great and include such crooners as Billy Joel, U2 and Tracy Chapman, all of whom I like.

My nerves are just about shot, and I think it’s about Belisi Radio Time. It will sooth away the too loud Disney video on the other end of the living room, and I can get some paperwork handled.

Edited to add: I just knew I would like this station, but now that I have listened awhile I really like it. I’ve heard “How Great is our God”, “Twilight” and “If I Stay” so far, and I am feeling much less frazzled. Time to tackle that paper monster for sure!

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One thought on “Belisi Radio on Pandora

  1. Thanks for introducing me to this station. I wonder if other famous people will create their own signature Pandora stations. That would be something.

    I’ve shared it with our community of Pandora fans over at

    – TIm

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