Carla, I thought of you as soon as I saw this! AaapkaVideo is an Indian video sharing site, and I was looking forward to telling you about it. I went there to get a few more details and umm, it actually *is* exactly what it says, an Indian video sharing site. Not a Native American video sharing site. Boy, is my face red. And also, I am undercaffeinated.

But since I was going to tell you about it, I will. Indian Video Sharing is in beta, and membership is free. Users can upload vids that are less than 100MB. Here are the rest of the FAQS. It really looks like a fun way for Indians to interact with one another.

And I don’t mean that as in “they oughta keep to themselves”. I mean that like this: sometimes when people come from the same culture, they share common values, and reference points, and even humor. It can be refreshing to be with others who have those same norms. Sometimes you just want to be with people who get your jokes!