Dr. Mom

My. daughters. are. crazy. I got some Dimetapp knock off for the baby, as she is awfully snotty lately. So DDs2 and 3 think they have to have it too. There are two problems with this. 1) the dosage foro them is so high that it takes half the wee bottle, and 2)they don’t have the same phlgem-y sounding croupiness that she has, so it’s not the right med for them. The rant comes in because when I try to explain this to them, I get the eyeroll of death (their’s, not mine). I’d ought to make them read a big fat medical health information resource. Web address, guys, web address, not the 8 pound PDR.

And have I mentioned they can do anything they want to do all day long without so much as a clearing of the throat, but when bed time comes around, they get a cough? Yeah. Go to bed, already!