Five on Friday- Roses are Red

1. What is your favorite red food?
2. Do you own any red clothing?
3. Name one item you can see right now that is red.
4. Have you ever run a stop sign or red light?
5. Do you ever get so angry that you “see red”?

1. ooh, Strawberries I think, but maybe cherries. Guess it depends which are ripe.
2. Oh yes! But not nearly enough. I love red clothes.
3. The heart on the sticker one of the kids put on the bookcase.
4. Yes, I have. In fact, I sorta ran one last night. One of the intersections in my town is so messed up it actually has TWO stop lines. Yeah, real genius that. So the light turned red, and I kept on until the second line. Oops.
5. Ummmmm, Do you read this blog or not?