I blogged earlier about financial matters, and now I am bringing up the topic again, I know. I want to talk about PayPerPost for several reasons, including the fact that they pay me. In fact they pay me pretty well, and that is the topic of this post. I don’t usually give out hard numbers when it comes to money, because I think it’s bad form. I’m just going to give you a round number. I want you to put your hand under your jaw before you read any further, to avoid serious damage to yoour facial bone structure when you read this, ok? OK.

Since I started with PPP in July of 2006, I’ve earned a bit over four thousand dollars. If you are ready to click now, here’s the button:

I’ve used that money from sponsored content to buy Christmas for the children. I’ve used it to catch up the slack when DH’s call load was light and his checks smaller than we needed to make ends meet. I’ve used it to buy the children’s school books. Right now, I’m using it to pay for the van, and transferring the rest to checking so we can finally get everything current. (You’ll recall that this item was on my 101 things list). In truth the money I’ve made from writing has saved our collective family hash on a number of occasions, and I am grateful for this opportunity.

In addition to being wordy (heh, no need to lie, you are here reading me, right? you know the truth), I’m also very opinionated (surprised? thought not). I enjoy giving my opinions on sites and services and products for free, and getting paid for it, well, that’s just the bees knees. If that sounds like a great idea to you, here’s an even bigger button, LOL!

Now, I’m required to put one more button on this post. (The others were my idea.) PPP wants me to let you know this post was sponsored by them. It’s true enough. As soon as I hit publish and copy the permalink into a form, that amount I shared with you is going to increase. But I also want you to know that I’d have told you for free, because PPP just rawks my sawks.