Manic Monday-Mr. Sandman

Mr. Sandman
Do you have a regular bedtime routine that helps you get to sleep?
On average, how many hours of sleep do you get each night?
How many hours do you actually require and/or like to have?
How do you deal with insomnia?

Yes, I am playing meme catch-up, a product of my lack of organization and, appropriately enough, lack of sleep! Short of being asked for a diet review, this meme addresses the worst thing I do to myself! So, here we go.

No, I don’t have a bedtime routine but I should. Ideally, I should move away from this glaring monitor by 10pm, and do something a little less intense than staring at this screen. The bright light tells my body it is still daytime. I get about 6 hours of sleep still, which is the same as I reported the last time one of my memes had this theme. And you know what? It’s still not enough! I need seven relatively uninterrupted hours. Well, truly 8, but that’s pretty much out of the question with so many little people. With one set going to bed at 830 (the middles) and then another set at ten-ish (the youngest) and the final set at 11 (the olders), I’d have to go to bed before some of my kids in order to get up with the earliest risers, and I do need a little bit of time in the quiet before I go to bed. I need to get that last crew in the bed earlier, and then set my alarm clock so I get up earlier. As it stands now, our household bedtime routine lasts from 8pm until 11:30. That’s ridiculous!

Insomnia is so much a part of my life that I no longer deal with it, I just co-exist with it. I jsut stay up until I am ready to drop from exhaustion. In truth, I wonder how much of my insomnia is due to my horrible sleep patterns.

One thought on “Manic Monday-Mr. Sandman

  1. Hi Cass, I was just watching a story on the news about the sleep deprivation that parents have. So very true in your case. It’s hard to wind down and it is easy (at least for me) to sit in front of the monitor too late into the night.

    Have a wonderful Friday!

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