Money matters

Let’s talk about money. I do that often enough. Lately I am seeing or hearing about Bad Credit Mortgage Loans on at least a daily basis, and sometimes several times a day. It seems like half the sites I visit have an ad in one corner or another about credit reports or credit repair. Honestly, some of the outfits are really shady, and I am sure they lure people into a bigger set of problems. I’m not the only one who sees this, as evidenced by this blurb on Credit Repair.

One of the things I am trying to teach my older children is fiscal responsibility. That’s a very difficult thing to do in today’s instant gratification world. Case in point: DD#1 has run up an astronomical cell phone bill, and is not currently drawing a paycheck. She’s job hunting, but in the meantime, there’s that bill. She’s also having to file taxes for the first time this year, and has no clue how to begin. I’ve told her that I will do her taxes for her. What I haven’t told her is that she is going to sit right here with me while I do it. I’ve also made it plain that I expect her to put any refund she gets toward that cell phone bill. It’s a lesson she needs to learn in order to get and maintain a good credit rating.

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