My eyes!

I looked yesterday for reading glasses to help with my keyboard/monitor/distance vision issue. Reading glasses are not going to work, and in fact will make the problem worse by blurring the keyboard. Sigh. Eventually, I will have to go to the eye doctor I suppose. Without insurance this is quite a costly proposition, but The Eye Glass Guy may be able to ease part of that burden for me!

I checked the site out, and I can get a complete pair of basic prescription eyeglasses for just $29 and that includes the shipping, a free case and a cleaning cloth. That is am amazing deal! These are nice frames too! I really like the blue ones here:

I’ve had blue frames before, and they really set off my eyes. And, yes, I freely admit that I am vain enough to care about stuff like that.

2 thoughts on “My eyes!

  1. they closely resemble my flexilites frames! same bluish steel color too. That is definitely a good color for you! I couldn’t find anything to set off my eyes darnit no fair.

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